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    $1,700.00 $1,200.00 Price gst/inc

    Deep Cycle Battery Lifepo4 (Lithium) 120ah

    Lithium (Lifpo4) Deep Cycle Battery 120ah

    Battery Sale – Factory Direct Wholesale








    5 year battery warranty - 12 month full replacement warranty with 48 month pro-rata replacement warranty


  • $228.00 Price gst/inc

    Led Camp Light Kit – 4 Bar x 50cm

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    LED Bar Light Kit 50cm x 4 dual colour Orange/White

    Key Features:

    • Linkable Led Kit
    • Compact Great for low Storage Camp Arrangement
    • No More Gas Lantern Requirement risks
    • Low Power Draw – These super bright lights are so bright you only need to run at 1/4 strength on white light
    • Lifespan Expectancy of 50,000hrs as an average – (2Yr) Warranty
    • Insulated cables to avoid voltage drop when linked together

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    $745.00 $680.00 Price gst/inc

    125watt Folding Flexi Solar Panel

    Folding Flexi Solar Panel 125 watt kit

    New upgraded kit comes complete ready to plug N play – All Anderson style plugs for easy convenient use…

    Your Kit includes:

    • 125watt folding flexi solar
    • 5mtr heavy duty cable
    • 10amp MPPT regulator (waterproof/dustproof)
    • Amp/Volt meter
    • Built in Legs

    FREE Gift offer ! – After you receive your kit and use it, please return to the website and post a review on the Flexi Solar. All posted reviews will receive a FREE $25.00 Pocket Power Cap.

    Optional Extra: Now available is the stainless Steel Security Cable. This allows you to cover your panel on contents insurance as a locked item of your vehicle or caravan or camper trailer. (You are advised to check with your individual insurer) 



  • $799.00 Price gst/inc

    165watt Folding Flexi Solar Kit

  • $990.00 Price gst/inc

    250watt Flexi Solar Kit “The Zipper”

    The “Zipper” 250watt Flexi Folding Solar Panel kit

    This 250watt kit is only available at Pocket Power Australia, Exclusive Design made by Chris.

    This kit can be operated as two individual 125watt panels or zipped together and run as 250watt. With a huge proven peak at over 13amps, you no longer need to worry about your batteries not keeping full. The full kit comes with double of everything. 2x MPPT regulators, 2x 5mtr Anderson style cables, 1x splitter cable 2 into 1 for joining the panels together.

    With the unique design of built in legs, you do not require to move the panel all day once set up.

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    $185.00 $135.00 Price gst/inc

    6.5 watt Solar Kit & Battery

    This is the best solar charger for all your devices when camping, hiking, hunting, fishing trips. Keeps the whole family charged….. “Stay Connected”

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    $548.00 $345.46 Price gst/inc

    Portable Power Kit with 20watt solar

    CPAP Solar Power Kit, Laptop Charger Kit

    20W High Powered Foldable Solar Panel Charger with 16000 mAh Multi-Voltage, External Battery Pack Charger.

    Ideal application for back up power when travelling, camping, off the grid the power goes out back up is at hand.

    Battery Specification: (external battery pack )

    Capacity: 3.7V/16000mAh

    Life time:  > 500 times

    Input: 12-14V/0.5-2A

    Output USB: 5V /2A

    Output DC: 5V/8.4V/9V (max: 3A); 12V/16V/19V/21V (max: 4.7A)

    Socket type: USB and DC ports

    Dimension: 7.08*4.33*0.94 inches

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    $85.00 $50.00 Price gst/inc

    Camping LED Lights Dual Colour “Bug Free”

    Flexi Camping LED 1200mm Long

    DC / 12Volt – With dimmer controller, Dual Colour Amber / White Light with waterproof connections.

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    $35.00 $30.00 Price gst/inc

    Security Cable Stainless Steel

    “Bonus Free Padlock”

    Stainless Steel Security Cable with loop ends for padlock.

    Ideal for the solar panel or the portable fridge etc.

    NOTE – This cable includes padlock in price