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Heavy Duty Jump Start Booster 12v/24v

Heavy Duty Jump start Booster 12v/24v

Heavy Duty Jump Start Booster

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Pocket Power Australia | Portable Power Solutions, Is Australia’s leading supplier of portable power packs for all USB chargeable devices. We have all been caught out with a flat smart phone at the wrong time…. Our busy lives warrant us to stay connected 24/7. With Pocket Power you can feel safe that you or your kids will be able to make or take that call at all times.

Pocket Power Australia offers a full range of USB charger packs from as small as 2000mAH up to the powerful 20,000mAh packs. This has you covered from charging of your smartphone at random to the weekend away camping, hiking, bike riding, golf, great for those extended travels away from home or office were that power point is just not available.

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For all wholesale enquiries, call 0429 802 979.  One of our team will be able to answer your questions.


Pocket Power Australia offer personal branding on all products. We currently work with companies like Jet Star and many other across Australia. For all enquiries please call 0429 802 979

Bulk Orders

Pocket Power Australia also offer unbeatable Bulk Pricing deals for re-sellers or company promotional deals with logo branding. Contact Pocket Power Australia now via email or phone, or through the web site contact page. You will be amazed how we can help you achieve your retail goals. contact us here

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Become a reseller today! Call 0429 802 979 for more details.

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Pocket Power Australia New Release of the Heavy Duty 12v/24v Jump Start Booster 800cca Peak Amps. The largest compact booster in Australia.

Pocket Power Australia New Release of the Heavy Duty 12v/24v Jump Start Booster 800cca

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