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New Product!

Led Camp Light Kit – 4 Bar x 50cm

No more gas lantern risk, a small storage profile and a 50,000 hour lifespan expectancy make this a complete camp lighting solution that will see you right for years to come.

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Customer Feedback


Just thought id give you some feedback on the 150w panel I purchased from you.  BRILLIANT! Great workmanship, the canvas really looks and is stronger than the cheap crappy finish the Chinese products are.  Great having legs as I mixed using on floor with legs if I left connected to camper, or throwing on windscreen.  The panel got picked up and dragged by wind, someone dumped rocks on it while we were out to hold it down and still going strong.

So much better than lugging the old big panels.  I was still using a big old heavy solid one for topping my car running a waeco beer fridge, may just have to buy another smaller 120w panel off you for that as they are so much smaller, stronger and pump in better!

Pumped in great numbers, think I saw well over 9 amps max once or twice but yeh was regularly getting 6.5-8 in peak sun when battery low. Was getting in around 45a/h a day to keep my 100a/h battery running my 110l waeco fridge/freezer and water pump and lights and charging for the last 2 weeks up in the north west, WA.

Thanks again.  Will definitely recommend you and your product.

Rohin Edwards